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SINOTRUK, DANGOTE and ANDAZ Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement
Views:403 Updated:2017-12-05


Chinese Premier Li Keqiang paid an official visit to four African countries from May 4 to 11; and during this significant visit, the Premier signed a series of cooperation agreements, which will open a new era of China-Africa friendship and cooperation upgrade. As one of the important parts, SINOTRUK signed a strategic cooperation agreement with DANGOTE Group and ANDAZ Group in Nigeria on May 7.

Positively responding to the call of the Chinese government, SINOTRUK vigorously promotes the industrial cooperation in Africa. During this visit to Africa, SINOTRUK jointly with China-Africa Development Fund, signed a joint venture agreement with DANGOTE Group owned by the richest man in Africa Mr. DANGOTE and HONG KONG ANDAZ Limited to produce heavy-duty trucks, directly changing the pattern of vehicle sales in the past into investment and transfer of heavy-duty vehicle production technology to achieve assembly manufacturing, which can not only provide local residents with employment opportunities, but also enhance the local industrial structure to support the process of industrialization in Nigeria.

Adhering to the "Go Global" strategy and with the constant effort on exploring international market, Sinotruk ranks No. 1 in national heavy-duty truck industry exports for nine consecutive years. After fifty years of efforts, heritage and development, SINOTRUK has become a large state-owned heavy-duty truck manufacturer in China with the largest production scale and the highest technology level. It is known as " the most competitive enterprise with the fastest growth in global heavy-duty truck industry".

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