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Address:Suite 200, 2/F, Beijing Sunflower Tower No.37 Maizidian Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100125, China

As a young dynamic and experienced company, Andaz realizes that employee is one of the most precious assets of the company. The employee who has passion for the work he/she does, who feels the responsibility towards the company and the clients, who keeps high personal integrity, will fit into the most dynamic team of Andaz.

Andaz provides various career development and advancement opportunities for our employees, who are willing to cultivate their own potentials, and who are willing to grow together with the company.

We have created a most scientific and market competitive compensation policy and system, based on the capability, responsibility and performance of the employee have displayed, and the value-added that the employee brought to the company.

Andaz follows the complete social welfare policies established by the local government and labor bureau. In addition, Andaz always tries to explore new methods and diversification of employee compensation.

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