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Since the establishment of the company, Andaz has been heavily involved in the energy sector of business, which includes oil and gas, and electrical power. Energy safe guards the development and the growth of the economy, which is why it is of strategic importance for countries like China with its huge population and room for growth. Thus demand of energy, China attaches great importance to the sourcing of energy.

Oil & Gas

Andaz, with its tenured oil & gas team of experts as well as its massive network of industry ends worldwide, has been identifying and developing oil & gas investment opportunities in upstream and downstream in West Africa, Nigeria. 

o    Oil & Gas upstream investment and development 

o    Drilling equipment and material supply 

Electrical Power

Once the past few decades, China has developed its industry substantially, in terms of capacity, technology and diversity. It has reached a level that it can help other grow developing countries to grow its power capacity. Central Europe and Africa are typical markets that can take advantage of the Chinese model and technology. Andaz team has been cultivating and evaluating investment opportunities in those markets, such as Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and pan Africa to develop hydro, cold/gas thermal, soloz and other renewable energy power plants.

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