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1.   Responsible for checking all the original documents and prepare accounting vouchers, issued by the financial statements and custody of accounting archives.

2.   Financial data generalization, timely and accurately reflect the company's operating and financial conditions, at any time to cooperate with business departments to do all the data.

3.   Familiar with kingdee financial software and know how to use tax planning reasonable allocate funds to use,and maintain a good relationship with taxation, banking, customs and other government departments .

4.  Responsible for auditing, tax work, submit to the government department to fill out the form and the data needed to.

5.  Be familiar with the budget report, responsible for years and the annual budget.

6.  Have a good English level, can make to prepare financial statements and the use of financial management knowledge, to make basic monitoring system of a company's financial work, perfecting the financial system.

7.  Other work assigned by the leadership.


1.  College degree, major in accounting or finance related.

2.  Five years experience in accounting, foreign trade accounting knowledge and offshore accounts of foreign trade operation experience is preferred.

3.   Have rich working experience in accounting, tax declaration, a stable personality, meticulous,

      good communicate with people.

4.   Hold accountant, intermediate accountant the qualifications will be preferred.

5.   Teamwork spirit and learning ability.

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