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Recruitment Manager

1, according to the requirements to the company's business, and stationed overseas projects for the company to provide personnel recruitment plan and implementation;
2, ensure the timely and effective follow up of recruitment, recruitment for the overall specific responsibility;
3, familiar with CV screening and interviewing skills;
4, the recruitment market and supplier selection and maintenance;
5, recruiting talent reserve plan, establish development expatriates recruitment channels and networks, security personnel supply, supply for the development of the company in a timely manner to provide suitable talents;
6, responsible for foreign personnel management and expatriate staff related management coordination, as well as the company domestic projects of foreign staff personnel management work;
7, responsible for expats labor relations, labor contracts, insurance and the visa process as well as the entry and exit transaction management and deal with the labor disputes and labor disputes;

8, other assigned according to company needs other personnel work.

1, human resources management, English, economy, trade or related bachelor degree or above; 
2, 5 years working experience and 3 years of recruitment, compensation and employee relations and other modules related HR work experience;
3, be familiar with the process of the personnel management the operations of international labor assignment with actual operation experience is preferred;
4, familiar with and master the labor law, labor and employment abroad and other relevant state laws and regulations policy;
5, familiar with the labor contract management, personnel mechanism, pay, insurance benefits and other aspects of laws and regulations and policies; 
6 and foreign personnel service experience;
7, good moral character and noble professional ethics;
8, have team work spirit, good organization and communication, execution and coordination; Can work under pressure and psychological pressure;
9, excellent English listening, speaking, reading and writing, able to English as working language.

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